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Kickstart your confidence today with our 20 effective confidence tips.

Each of us is actually confident in some aspect of our life. We tend to ignore this fact because we take it for granted. As people we always focus on what we are missing, lacking or even bad at, so we miss all the good stuff. Confidence can always be found in places were we spend most of out time. Where everything is familiar and known to us, some call it our comfort zone.

Why do you have a feeling or belief that you have no confidence, or little confidence in a particular area of your life? Does this feeling pop up when you want to do something you really love, like speak to someone you are keen on, go to the gym, sing? What does it feel like? Fear and resistance to suggestions or just an outright freeze. The chances are these thoughts have popped up because you might be out of practise, or if its completely new your have nothing to draw on. Perhaps you’ve tried in the passed and failed hopelessly. Perhaps you have been hurt emotionally, maybe a relationship has ended suddenly?

Confidence is something you can develop, with practise like a muscle. Your confidence will grow the more you spend time in a certain situation.

In this article we wanted to give you what we consider to be the TOP 20 kickstart confidence building tips that are out there.

Please write to us and share your experiences.

1. Introduce a physical activity into your day, walking, cycling, yoga, running as this will get you breathing deeper and more oxygen in the blood certainly stimulates a sense of self confidence.

2. Make a list of the things you are already confident at. One thing is good enough, cooking, singing, delegating, list making, talking to new people, writing poetry…

3. Make the list of the areas you want to increase your confidence in and then next to them write down how increased confidence these areas would make your life better.

4. Book yourself into a workshop or mini course around a subject you want to be more confident in, even find a book on the subject

5. List 10 things that are most important to you in your life. Family, friends, pets, food, love, security…then place them in order of priority.

6. Clear out the cupboard or draw in your house or office that is out of control. take a before and after photo.

7. Create a confidence journal where you log in your daily or weekly progress. Connect your results to how it makes you feel.

8. When you are off to an event or a social gathering, wear a colour or outfit that 
you feel really good in, making the effort to feel good adds heaps of confidence.

9. Cut down on sugar and processed carbohydrate foods as they steel your energy.

10. Plan a special outing once a week – art gallery, lunch at your favourite restaurant, 
a walk along the beach.

11. Download a copy of The Mindblox Success Dictionary as it will explain the 
power of your thoughts to you?

12. Choose an action that will push you over a fear barrier, one that is manageable 
for you and which will add another layer towards building your confidence.

13. Create an affirmation around the area you are working to improve your confidence in….I am confident in meeting new faces at networking events OR I 
am open to new opportunities at work OR I am excellent at delegating. I AM …

14. Every night before going to sleep repeat to yourself that you are good enough and deserving of your dream.

15. Create a plan for yourself, everyone has the ability to create some kind of step by step process, like climbing a set of steps to the top. This is guaranteed to take the pressure off the ‘what do I do next’ question into the ‘how will I do that’ or ‘when will I do it’

16. Every night before going to sleep set 3 tasks for the next day. At the end of that day you will have something to reflect on, and you will have results. If you are struggling with procrastination this is a great tip

17. Develop an ‘I can…’ attitude by beginning sentences around the things you fear when you speak about them. (This a little of the Fake it till you make it mindset) I can jump 3 meters, I can introduce myself with confidence to new faces when out networking.

18. Don’t be afraid to fail, try again and again until you succeed, practise makes perfect or permanent so don’t give up. Remember ‘ Yes you Can’

19. Confidence is linked to growth, so the more you attempt new things that scare you to start with the more you will grow into the person you want to be. This is one of the secret keys to happiness. The alternative is depression and unhappiness and a limited life experience. You deserve more than that.

20. Doubt is a natural part of the process in the stakes of improved confidence, never let it stop you. Ask questions of your doubt, What is actually stopping me here? What else can I do to clear these feelings of doubt? Then proceed to the next step.


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