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Being Well

Wellbeing is such an overused term these days but don’t allow it to dilute its importance.

The world is currently in turmoil. Changes are occurring in countries across the globe. This is creating massive impacts to peoples wellbeing. Stress levels, worry, and personal pressures are at an all time high.

Poor mental health is impacting peoples lives at higher levels that ever before. This is a fact reported by a number of governmental organization. So businesses are being hit hard as they become part of the sliding scale. What will this do to the future of our work force and our economy, if something is not done to change things?

If people are not able to work at their best in normal circumstances, then how can they under the stresses of now? What happens to our productivity, sales, income, lifestyle and in the end our jobs?

There are companies out there taking this seriously. They are offering support for their staff. There are coaching programs, one to one sessions, managers training at performance level, gym memberships, healthier options in canteens to mention a few. As with most things it is only a few and we need more of this mindset application in businesses and homes.

When an employer delivers these offers to staff it does come with a certain expectation. They want attitudes to improve, sales to increase, absenteeism to drop. So staff need to buy into the new programs, open their minds to these opportunities. It would be good to remember that any form of personal development will remain with a person, whether they remain with the company that offered the benefits to them or not. If you are lucky enough to be working with such an employer I would say suck up as much as you can and put it to good use. It will give you the advantage in many situations you will not have experienced yet.

For those readers who aren’t blessed with the opportunity from a forward thinking empowered company, no need to worry. You can find your own methods such as hiring a personal coach, going to seminars, reading books of empowerment and more. There is a massive personal development engine out there you can tap into.

The smallest of changes can create the biggest results. Whether that’s in your mindset, physical fitness or spirit, when I say spirit I am referring to the energy you bring to your activities, relationships, ideas and how you experience life.

‘Wellness’ should not ignored, it is more important now than ever before. Giving ‘Wellness’ more attention is paramount. Consider this digital age where our kids in front of digital devices more than they ride their bicycles.

Why should you be serious about ‘Wellness’?

1. We don’t all get the office perks even though we are all feeling the pinch.

2. We are living longer and so should ensure that we are well enough and fit enough to enjoy the latter years.

3. We are also the role models of the next generation, what message are we passing on?

What do you plan to put in place as a first step?

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