•   Do you often fail to complete high impact targets that are crucial to your success? Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and never enough time? Do your projects feel like they drag on forever? Do you lose interest and abandon them?  Have you pursued a goal for
  • Is this a real thing? Business confidence or is it just BS? Everyone admires a confident person. Have you ever had that little feeling of envy as you look at a friend, colleague or adversary? Confident people seem comfortable with themselves and their work. They elevate trust and highlight the
  • FEAR - Face everything and recover
    If you have read the classic ‘Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, this might be a familiar message. If not, then allow me to shed some light for you. I took some time to lift this book off my library shelf, 3 years to be exact from the day
  • Where is your blindspot
    Do you think you have missed anything despite your best intentions as you have worked your way through all the changes in the world and I expect your business over the last while? Have you ever experienced that heart stopping moment while driving your car, as you are about to
  • Is a confident workforce key, to the ongoing success of a business?  In our work at Mindblox, we are focusing on supporting key staff in maintaining their confidence in their jobs. Retaining their ability to perform at a high standard while adapting to the ever changing environment.  Fear has become

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