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Is this a real thing?

Business confidence or is it just BS?

Everyone admires a confident person. Have you ever had that little feeling of envy as you look at a friend, colleague or adversary?

Confident people seem comfortable with themselves and their work. They elevate trust and highlight the best in others. These are desirable qualities.

It’s not as easy as it seems to be confident, especially if your inner voice is being self-critical or if your focus is noticing that others tear you down. However did you know that there are steps you can take to create and maintain your confidence.

Confidence is defined as “a belief or certainty in your ability to succeed.” When we’re confident, we take risks more often, are open to new things, and we are prepared to step in the ring with an attitude of being successful. When people believe in themselves they tend to push further and longer, which actually increases their chances of successful outcomes.

Confidence is developed through taking action. You can’t think or speak your way to confidence. You must choose an action. In business, sport, and all other areas of life, confidence is created by the combined actions of processes and implementing them.

If you were more confident in a particular part of your life, how might that improve your results?

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