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    These People Have Changed Their Lives

    After a brilliant discovery call, I joined Tess for her 12-week transformation program.  I knew very quickly that Tess had a good grip on my mindset and personality.  Throughout our time together Tess would adapt well to what I needed, tailoring each session to where I was at that moment, while still maintaining our agreed focus of reaching my goals and targets.  I look forward to working with Tess again in the future.  Finding a coach that understands you is something to be cherished.

    Malcolm McLeod – Mind Coach Scotland

    I was fortunate to meet Tess Day when I returned to Aberdeen a year and a half ago and had to restart my business from scratch.  Tess helped me regain lost confidence and self-belief and so that I could make the necessary changes I needed at that time, to help me move forward.  In the 3 month period in which we worked together, I found the 10 minute daily golden calls invaluable being on my own with no other family or support.  With the addition of the meet ups in between to review progress and provide advice, it gave me a good framework to re-establish myself in an area that was undergoing significant change.  I would highly recommend Tess to anyone who is seeking some guidance and direction in life.  Her enthusiasm for what she does gives you the belief you need to make these changes.

    Mia Middleton, MIA-Alternative Therapist

    Since connecting with Tess back in October 2019 and after attending a Lunch & Learn event she held ~ Two words hit me IMPOSTER SYNDROME….

    This was something that has challenged me for years and it was time to kick it out ~ my imposter that I had manifested in my head!

    Over the past year Tess and I have had 1:1 sessions and the outcome, for me and in my business has been invaluable  and I have re-found my WHY and my wonder woman attitude! Thank you Tess.

    Donna Christie ~ SDC Wholelife nutrition Coach and founder of NESLIB

    ‘If you are feeling a stuck in your business (or personal life), I would highly recommend to get in touch with Tess. She had this fantastic ability to help you get unstuck! I’ve worked with Tess for a while now and have been able to find new direction and motivation, she also helped me with my goal setting and action planning. Tess is the most positive and inspiring person I know and it is very infectious.’

    Iska Birnie – Owner of Iska Birnie Photography

    I had a three hour session with Tess to help me find my “WHY”
    I attended one of Tess Day’s Why with Mindblox workshop this year and I was so impressed with her work that I booked a session with her. I know I love what I do and In my head I know my “WHY” but Tess showed me a way to find clarity and a purpose. 🥰

    This is going to help me in my business by using the right message for my target audience ❤️

    I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in finding their “WHY” to at least connect with Tess or have a conversation, trust me you will not be disappointed 🙏🏽

    Farah Hussain – Founder of Farah Networking

    After meeting Tess a few times at a variety of events, I had been intrigued by what she did. Then when I gave up my own business my confidence and self-belief was pretty low and I lacked clarity.  Toying around with a few options and not fixing on any of them, I contacted Tess. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is very inspiring and encouraging. Having someone take a look at me and my ideas with a fresh unbiased approach was amazing. The Values and also the Timeline exercises were particularly enlightening.  I’ve had a few wobbles throughout lockdown but then who hasn’t? I know where I am going and am really excited about it. Thanks Tess, you are awesome!

    Karen Noble, Owner Roving Reserve

    You can only invest in one thing in business then this is it… with the right person – of course, and Tess is that person!

    We hired Tess to assist one of our staff members in developing more confidence in business development and networking to the Aberdeen marketplace.

    As he was from outside the country, adapting to the new culture adding to that language difference Tess worked with him for 6 months. Not only did she hold one to one session with him, she also attended sales team meetings to understand the team dynamics and bring some suggestions to the table to support the them.

    Tess has a lovely manner, is interested and is good at probing and encouraging. The benefits of her time with our business development team allowed us to get more from our colleague in his everyday interactions with both our customer’s and team members.

    I highly recommend Tess and Mindblox.

    Stephen Booth (Realm Fire & Security)
    Ale Ramirez (QHSE Lead – Attollo Offshore)

    I wanted to get involved with the personal development side to get more out of both my personal and work lives. I went into the process with an open mind, with no clear goals apart from wanting to develop.

    The conversations we had every week gave me the forum to discuss things that I would not have had the opportunity to do previously.

    Tess always managed to get the extra inch out of me and I believe this is what helped me develop in our time together.

    She helped me learn the skill to take a back seat, my having a tendency to take over every conversation. Tess managed to help me limit that, which not only helped develop my managerial skills but also gave other members of the team a platform to express their opinions.

    I was motivated towards completing a diploma which I had started prior to engaging with Tess. The skills we covered when discussing research techniques and revision techniques made a significant contribution, skills I can take further into my life career wise and also into my personal life.

    On top of this we discussed how to properly set and achieve goals in my personal life and work life, and other softer skills on how to be more productive at home, how to get the most out of sleep, etc. The list genuinely goes on for the range of topics and skills we shared.

    I was open to personal development and there were things we discussed that I had never heard before, or that I couldn’t master, or that I felt I had mastered but needed refining.

    I believe there was parts of me that Tess addressed which covered the whole spectrum of personal development.

    I would recommend a conversation with Tess to anyone.

    Billy Simpson Asset Operator – Attollo Offshore

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