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Dream Boards

They’ve been around for years, and in the personal development industry Vision Boards have been used for team building as much as for individual visual goal setting for as long as I can remember.

So what is the difference between a Vision and Dream Board.


It’s the Outcome vs the correct steps.

Visionboards were designed to support an individual in defining their long term lifestyle ambitions, the house, the car, perfect partner, holidays, kids, wealth. A 20 to 30 year plan.

If you know anything about people it’s this, the person setting the goal is never the person who achieves it. What I mean is that we have to adapt and change to become the person capable of realizing their dreams. Think back just 5 years, how different are you now compared to who you were then? Make any sense to you yet?

So with that in mind can you imagine the immense pressure most people would feel in setting a 30 year dream plan in action, when they don’t yet have the 30 years experience it will require for them to get what they want?

This might begin to explain why so many people have given up before they have even started. That level of pressure and expectation is more than most people can handle.

Besides how can we know that we would really want those things in 30 years time? We might actually be limiting ourselves right from the start, or even setting off in the wrong direction motivated by the wrong ideals.

Its scary I know, its why so many people are unfulfilled and disillusioned and possibly depressed. Life is not turning out as planned or dreamed.

Now I do believe that having a vision is important, but so is how we intend moving towards the perfect outcome, whatever it might be.

This is where dream boards have become so valuable.

Imagine for a moment that you needed to cross a very wide river (your vision) if you placed stepping stones down across that river (dream boards) would it be easier to cross. Plus if a stepping stone disappeared on placement, you would know not to take that route towards your destination. Instead to choose another route or option, to remain on track.

For me that is the easiest way to explain the importance and power of dream boards.
They should be created about 4 times a year, as they allow you to check in on your progress and to make sure you are on track. Also to ensure it is the right track.

I’ve been creating and presenting DreamBoard workshops since 2010 and it is incredible to see the results coming from clients who are creating their futures through DreamBoards on a consistent and creative basis.

If you get the chance to attend a workshop to see how this process works, I urge you to seriously consider attending. Once you have learnt the ‘how’ you can apply it over and over for yourself at home.

DreamBoards are perfect for anyone wanting to begin a journey but they aren’t fully clear on what that is yet to be. Once the destination is discovered dream boards go hand in hand with coaching as a powerful and dynamic combination, guaranteed to lead to success.

Striving for goals and fulfilling life long dreams must be a combination of commitment, play and the creation of exceptional habits.

Do you need any guidance?

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