Find Your Voice – 12 Week Transformation Programme

Find Your Voice.

Imagine your life with a voice, because your Voice is your power?
When we are unable to speak up, in our homes, at the office or with our peers, it can leave us feeling small and powerless.
If you have reached the point where you are ready to live a life worth living, then discovering your power, your inner voice is Key.
Through our program you will come to understand what inspires and drives you as we deliver a set of tools designed to help you discover your voice so that you can live your life authentically and with happiness.
You’ll be clear on your ideal career, how to improve your relationships, honour your body and create a lifestyle that matches your newly discovered expectations.
You can expect to develop your personal self-worth, know your deepest values and elevate your self-confidence to levels you never imagined possible.
Your voice, your essence has the potential to be the rocket that leads you to living to your full potential. 85 % of this program is group work and this is fundamental to your success. You will be surrounded by likeminded people who also desire to speak up and speak out.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

If you are serious about moving away from a dull and unfulfilling existence, then our 12-week results program is perfect for you.

Find your Voice Program (Your 12 Weeks to …..)

Week 1: Introduction. We’ll cover, your commitment, a winning attitude and the Promise. (90 min Group)
Week 2: The Vision of your Future
Between the past and the future is NOW, creating a vision to reach for is    fundamental in creating the appropriate action steps now.      (90 min Group)
Week 3: Your Current situation – where are you now? What is the story that you are telling yourself that is driving your decisions, experiences and results?         (90 min Group)
Week 4: A dive into understanding limiting beliefs, a growth mindset and how to define your top values.  (90 min Group)
Week 5: OPEN 1-2-1 Session with Tess where you will be able to ask questions and define  the personal journey of discovering your voice, this is where you can bring incredible meaning to the first 4 weeks of content you have started to explore.   (60 min 1-2-1)
Week 6: Your relationship with money – Discover your money mindset and understand more about how to shift any limits that might be stopping your progress. (90 min Group)
Week 7: Planning and defining your Goals. (90 min Group)
Week 8: OPEN 1-2-1 Session with Tess to evaluate your Goals and be sure that it has all the attributes of the SMART Model. We want you to succeed.                  (60 min 1-2-1)
Week 9: Challenges – in this session we will identify any potential challenges and learn how to face them, overcome the hurdle and keep moving forward. This step is the one that almost always kills dreams the world would really have benefitted from. (90 min Group)
Week 10: Review – an open session to discuss discoveries, to share ask questions of the group as well as hear from a guest speaker (the group will be informed as to who this will be) (90 min Group)
Week 11: Routines, Habits and Morning Practises  (90 min Group)
Week 12: Future Steps – Intentions and reflecting back to week 1 and 2


Create your VOICE STATEMENT (90 min Group)

BONUS: Free entry to our weekend online “Mindblox Seminar” where you will get to listen to inspiring business and life leaders who will share their journey and drop in value that will support you on your journey.


Malcolm McLeod – Mind Coach Scotland

After a brilliant discovery call, I joined Tess for her 12-week transformation program.  I knew very quickly that Tess had a good grip on my mindset and personality.  Throughout our time together Tess would adapt well to what I needed, tailoring each session to where I was at that moment, while still maintaining our agreed focus of reaching my goals and targets.  I look forward to working with Tess again in the future.  Finding a coach that understands you is something to be cherished.