Golden Call

Golden Calls are ideal for anyone who has set out their plan and are looking for an accountability partner to push through the tough weeks. (Most clients tap into this after our 12 Week Transformation Program)

Golden calls can be a bridge between sessions.

After spending an hour focusing on some specifics during a coaching call the daily 10 min calls are quick sharp and focused on action steps for that particular day.

The aim is to practise planning on what’s important, build momentum and remove any overwhelm and procrastination.

In most cases clients are asked to identify 2 main tasks they will complete that day, over and above other things including interruptions, meetings etc. By the end of the week 10 key strategic tasks are completed.


Our role is to:

understand you and your thinking on a daily basis.

Dramatically impact following session with the new knowledge.

Being accountable to your coach daily surges growth eventually your learn to adopt this for yourself.

With any coaching process 6 sessions are the standard recommendation as it takes some time for discovery, action, results, tweaking and outcomes.


Buy a bank of Minutes.


60 mins = 1 week of morning calls

Schedule your calls at a specific time of the day

You call Tess at the exact time each day

Tess leads the call with the focus on action steps for the day.


Ideal for:

Procrastination – can’t get started?

Overwhelm – too much to do, where do you start?

Anxiety – panicking over the pressure of the “to do” list

Project management progress for the solopreneur – save time and money by meeting deadlines on time