Life can sometimes get messy, working flat out and supporting our families whilst secretly dreaming about a personal goal.  Whether it be writing a book, starting a new business, or even trying to make sense of where we are on that life journey, Mindblox can support you with choosing and creating the way forward to achieve that goal.



Karen Noble, Owner Noble VA

After meeting Tess a few times at a variety of events, I had been intrigued by what she did. Then when I gave up my own business my confidence and self-belief was pretty low and I lacked clarity.  Toying around with a few options and not fixing on any of them, I contacted Tess. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is very inspiring and encouraging. Having someone take a look at me and my ideas with a fresh unbiased approach was amazing. The Values and also the Timeline exercises were particularly enlightening.  I’ve had a few wobbles throughout lockdown but then who hasn’t? I know where I am going and am really excited about it. Thanks Tess, you are awesome!