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NEWS! Is a confident workforce key, to the ongoing success of a business? 

Is a confident workforce key, to the ongoing success of a business? 

In our work at Mindblox, we are focusing on supporting key staff in maintaining their confidence in their jobs. Retaining their ability to perform at a high standard while adapting to the ever changing environment. 

Fear has become a leader in debilitating people all over the world. 

When you think of watching a scary movie, your body tenses as you watch and listen, not knowing what is about to happen. That tension blocks your ability to think logically and even realise you are in no way at risk, everything is happening on the screen. It’s all very real and your body responds as if you are in real danger. 

This type of fear lives in almost everyone, at differing levels. 

COVID19 has certainly escalated a type of fear that is invisible and carries potentially devastating and unrecoverable results. 

Unfortunately, the media does play a big role in raising this fear, and they are only doing their jobs. 

We have seen proof that as human beings we have amazing abilities to overcome unbelievable obstacles. 

It begins with making good decisions. It’s a known fact that what we focus on in life, we create. So how do we protect ourselves from the constant hit of fear and negativity thrown at us from all quarters daily, even hourly?

We build our own set of skills. 

Yes, we begin with the Inner Game, that’s what we’ve called it at Mindblox.  By taking charge of your own thinking process and developing a stronger core of resilience and personal confidence people will be better able to survive a mountain of challenges and come out stronger for themselves, their loved ones and those in their care. 

Personal Self-talk is one of the areas that paralyse people, fear of the unknown, the invisible threat that plays out in our thoughts. 

That is why when we walk into an organisation and work with key, vital members of a company the support and coaching we provide solves problems that otherwise remain invisible. 

If left unaddressed these issues will begin to fester with devastating results. 

If you have any concerns and would like to talk in confidence please get in touch and allow us to give you some advice to support you or a member of your team immediately. 

There are unsubstantiated reports that the suicide rate has increased by 200% since COVID19 began. 

Even if it isn’t 200% we know enough to realise, loneliness, worry about family members, isolation, lack of work and fear of job loss or anxiety over what tomorrow might bring are all catalysts pushing the percentages up. 

We know unemployment levels are rising too and there’s more. 

Do we need to stress the importance of building a resilient workforce? 

Perhaps as a business owner, you are taking strain too, making decisions that are impacting the families of staff you’ve had in your business for years. 

  • Are your stress levels impacting your decisions? 
  • Can you see the invisible fears of your people? 
  • Do you have the time to address them personally? 
  • Do you have the skillset?

Who can you call right now and ask for help?

What is one thing you can do today to address any concerns you have? 

What is 2021 shaping up to be?

Are you prepared? 

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