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Pain Points for Solo-Planners


  • Do you often fail to complete high impact targets that are crucial to your success?
  • Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and never enough time?
  • Do your projects feel like they drag on forever? Do you lose interest and abandon them? 
  • Have you pursued a goal for weeks, months, or years with little progress to show for it? 
  • Do you ever find yourself dealing with the emergency of the day and sacrificing strategic activities ?
  • Do you sometimes feel embarrassed or ashamed because you miss deadlines and fail to deliver?


Clarity of the end goal combined with a clear plan that reduces massive gaps in productivity is the solution you might be seeking. Our minds are permanently active and stimulated by our environment, so when your schedule is unclear your ‘thinker’ steps in to find something to focus on, and it is normally the first shiny object it comes across.

How much productivity time are you losing?

Yes we’ve all experienced moments when our work has flowed and we have completed massive projects of a high standard and on time. Can you think of an example where you executed like a pro? Why is it then, that some of us cannot continue forward with that same attention in all our activities?

This is partly down to human nature, distractions and how we are feeling. Any slight shift in our emotional state can impact our results. And let’s not discount the fact that we are emotional beings.

And there is one other thing, and it has nothing to do with our skill or our professional ability, but instead with a Paradigm that is playing out in the less visible part of our experiences.

What is a Paradigm?

“A paradigm is a set of rules and regulations (written or unwritten) that does two things: (1) it establishes or defines boundaries; and (2) it tells you how to behave inside the boundaries in order to be successful.”

Our personal paradigms are constructed based on our experiences and the beliefs we create based on the outcomes, for good or bad. I will write an article that delves deeper into the fascinating world of paradigms, but for now this is enough to get you thinking. What exactly, is driving your results?

At work you are mixing in multiple paradigms with your own paradigms, it sounds confusing, I know. It has taken me quite some time to fully understand paradigms.

So when I say that all the things that are stopping you from your success might all be wrapped up in a paradigm, I’m not joking. 

Essentially, I can teach you how to plan and plot to meet your goals, build a 90 Day strategy that will knock your socks off, but until we talk about your paradigms we might be setting you up to struggle and erode your confidence and self-worth.

Crating a paradigm shift in your life, and fully understanding paradigms is what can liberate you. As a coach, my main area of interest is to understand where you are, where you want to grow to and to listen out for the aspects that are getting in your way. If together we can figure that out, you will move forward with a set of tools that will support you long after we have stopped working together.

My challenge to you is this:

Over the next 7 days write a few thoughts everyday on how you have performed in your daily life, what has worked and what has gone pear shaped. Look at your career, your relationships, your self-talk and your habits.

Next evaluate how satisfied you feel about the results you are experiencing, and if there is anywhere that you feel dissatisfied then please book a free discovery call with me and let us see if we can figure out a solution together.

There is absolutely no need for your struggle!


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