Mindblox aim to deliver an effective support service to busy, thriving and growing SME’s.

We support highly effective MDs by improving their team’s soft skills and personal performance.

Mindblox offers promotion planning, appraisal goal definitions, anxiety, overwhelm, return to work, teamwork, mental health support and many other things to match your specific needs. For example, to provide a team member with a temporary boost or assist in long-term planning for your organisation.

We are flexible in how we provide packages, including one to one online sessions, 10 or 20 minute Golden Calls (lifesavers) and Half Day workshops – all designed around your specific needs – both as retainer packages and block contracts.

Mindblox has one objective, to provide a process that is specifically aimed to deliver empowered, constructive and supportive programs for personal development that grows individuals and the teams they work in. From the outset, trust is our greatest ally in building open and confident working relationships.

Ale Ramirez (QHSE Lead – Attollo Offshore)

I form part of the team here at Attollo. I’ve been working for the company for 2 years now and during these two years I have been diving a lot into the personal development side of things for myself.

When Tess came on board I was at the start of my own Personal Development journey and it was really good to meet someone who was taken on by the company to enable us to discuss our own strengths and areas of focus that would allow us to optimise the way we work all the more. She definitely helped us to achieve that.

Tess has a really welcoming way of doing things and makes you feel heard. She allows you to see the opportunities in every situation which is a great motivator for work performance and understanding self – both on a work and personal level.

I have benefited from our 1-1 sessions through work a lot as they have given me much to take away in relation to seeing things from different perspectives and the morning Golden Calls set me up for the day before beginning a day’s work.

Thank You Tess!