We custom build packages for our corporate client.

Depending on the size of your organisation and your specific goals and needs for your staff.

We prefer the preventative approach to support your most valuable assets, the people who represent your organisation:

Attitude and Mindset that aligns with a company Vision
Induction support for new staff at manager level to ensure smooth integration to the organisation
Director performance support
Post Appraisal Goal planning
Transitioning promoted staff for their managerial position
Inter office conflict resolution
Mental health Support for individual members
Return to work support
Team Building workshops


We have products that support urgent and immediate action as well as annual retainer packages.

Please contact us to arrange a time to talk in more detail.



I form part of the team here at Attollo. I’ve been working for the company for 2 years now and during these two years I have been diving a lot into the personal development side of things for myself.

When Tess came on board I was at the start of my own Personal Development journey and it was really good to meet someone who was taken on by the company to enable us to discuss our own strengths and areas of focus that would allow us to optimise the way we work all the more. She definitely helped us to achieve that.

Tess has a really welcoming way of doing things and makes you feel heard. She allows you to see the opportunities in every situation which is a great motivator for work performance and understanding self – both on a work and personal level.

I have benefited from our 1-1 sessions through work a lot as they have given me much to take away in relation to seeing things from different perspectives and the morning Golden Calls set me up for the day before beginning a day’s work.

Thank You Tess!