Running your own business can be hard work, and often full of unanticipated challenges. After 3 to 5 years it is not uncommon to reach a bump. Having been in business for 15 years this is something I can easily relate to.

Mindblox provides a variety of options to help, including:

  • WHY with MINDBLOX – to obtain clarity for your purpose
  • Find Your Voice – to support you as a business person, achieving your personal goals and aspirations in your life
  • Meet the Deadline – a 6 session program designed to make you get things done.

We also cover a large spectrum of topics such as projects, new products, planning and growing your business, stress management, imposter syndrome and conflict in confidence.

Please contact us to arrange a discovery call.

Donna Christie ~ SDC Wholelife nutrition Coach and founder of NESLIB

Since connecting with Tess back in October 2019 and after attending a Lunch & Learn event she held ~ Two words hit me IMPOSTER SYNDROME….

This was something that has challenged me for years and it was time to kick it out ~ my imposter that I had manifested in my head!

Over the past year Tess and I have had 1:1 sessions and the outcome, for me and in my business has been invaluable  and I have re-found my WHY and my wonder woman attitude! Thank you Tess.