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Billy Simpson Asset Operator – Attollo Offshore

I wanted to get involved with the personal development side to get more out of both my personal and work lives. I went into the process with an open mind, with no clear goals apart from wanting to develop.

The conversations we had every week gave me the forum to discuss things that I would not have had the opportunity to do previously.

Tess always managed to get the extra inch out of me and I believe this is what helped me develop in our time together.

She helped me learn the skill to take a back seat, my having a tendency to take over every conversation. Tess managed to help me limit that, which not only helped develop my managerial skills but also gave other members of the team a platform to express their opinions.

I was motivated towards completing a diploma which I had started prior to engaging with Tess. The skills we covered when discussing research techniques and revision techniques made a significant contribution, skills I can take further into my life career wise and also into my personal life.

On top of this we discussed how to properly set and achieve goals in my personal life and work life, and other softer skills on how to be more productive at home, how to get the most out of sleep, etc. The list genuinely goes on for the range of topics and skills we shared.

I was open to personal development and there were things we discussed that I had never heard before, or that I couldn’t master, or that I felt I had mastered but needed refining.

I believe there was parts of me that Tess addressed which covered the whole spectrum of personal development.

I would recommend a conversation with Tess to anyone.

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