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Stephen Booth (Realm Fire & Security)

You can only invest in one thing in business then this is it… with the right person – of course, and Tess is that person!

We hired Tess to assist one of our staff members in developing more confidence in business development and networking to the Aberdeen marketplace.

As he was from outside the country, adapting to the new culture adding to that language difference Tess worked with him for 6 months. Not only did she hold one to one session with him, she also attended sales team meetings to understand the team dynamics and bring some suggestions to the table to support the them.

Tess has a lovely manner, is interested and is good at probing and encouraging. The benefits of her time with our business development team allowed us to get more from our colleague in his everyday interactions with both our customer’s and team members.

I highly recommend Tess and Mindblox.

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