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Where Is Your BlindSpot?

Do you think you have missed anything despite your best intentions as you have worked your way through all the changes in the world and I expect your business over the last while?

Have you ever experienced that heart stopping moment while driving your car, as you are about to indicate and move to the next lane and suddenly a HORN blasts and you swerve back from where you came. Heart racing, hardly able to concentrate, trying to make sense of what just happened?

THE BLINDSPOT, you just did not see that car!

We don’t always get that loud instant warning when blindspots pop up in our businesses, do we? Instead it’s 12 months too late and the damage is done!

Here are some key tips to help you do a spot check before continuing on your journey:

1. As you begin hiring staff have you defined a good onboarding experience for the new employee?

2. How proactive have you been and will you be moving forward when initiating changes within your organisation large or small.

3. Are you regularly reviewing methodologies and systems to avoid stagnation?

4. BIG ONE!!!! Having a handle on the sales process especially where lead generation and prospecting are concerned…funnels, markets and channels.

5. When is comes to a growing business documenting best practise and capturing what your top performers are doing to get results is key to avoid all the GOLD walking out the door when they leave.

6. When you are growing, hiring the right people is paramount, its easy to loose site and bringing the wrong people in can be costly.

7. The Accountability piece, as uncomfortable as it might be is essential, it starts with the leader and flows down to the team.

8. Coaching is the art and science of helping teams learn how to fix their own challenges, rather than you jumping in to find solutions constantly, if not you then bring a coach in to support this process, it requires 35/40 percent of your time. You business is unlikely to grow if you don’t develop your team.

9. If your Staff / Team don’t have their personal goals linked to the business goals you lack a leverage of motivation that will support the growth of your business. 

10. Share your vision with the people tasked in bringing it to life. Share the businesses direction and goals, then everyone begins to understand the priorities.

I hope this check list is a kickstart to support you in removing any blindspots that might be working to smash up your business. If you are keen to explore further then reach out to us and we’ll help you figure out your next steps.

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