Why with Mindblox?

Sign up to our Webinar where you get to understand the process of finding your WHY.
This one hour webinar will help you understand the importance of discovering your WHY.
It will support you in gathering all the information you need to highlight that “WHY”.
Tess will advise you on how to complete the last step of the process.


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From this point you will be able to:

  1. Book a discovery call to schedule your 3 hour private session with Tess where she will guide you in unfolding the process to find your own unique WHY.
  2. For any SME who would like to explore the WHY of your business contact Tess to arrange a time to explore your options

Farah Hussain – Founder of Farah Networking

I had a three hour session with Tess to help me find my “WHY”
I attended one of Tess Day’s Why with Mindblox workshop this year and I was so impressed with her work that I booked a session with her. I know I love what I do and In my head I know my “WHY” but Tess showed me a way to find clarity and a purpose. 🥰

This is going to help me in my business by using the right message for my target audience ❤️

I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in finding their “WHY” to at least connect with Tess or have a conversation, trust me you will not be disappointed 🙏🏽